Boosted killed everything with this backpack

Now they released this amazing backpack I only can think of buying a bunch of enclosure from @Eboosted and build a Boosted so I can use it. I have spare motors, mounts , pulley, 18650, focbox i’m edging right now. Damn hobby, I don’t need more boards.

What do you think about it ? We need obed to come here and talk with us to develop the best backpack designed for esk8, like hi5ber did recently.

Maybe our speed machines are a great way of transport but never practical if you always have your board with you.

thats a nice bag but the price omg $260

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Yeah it’s crazy expensive.

But i think the only competitors are obed right now and they are built very slow and are even more expensive !

That’s the kind of money you spend on a camera bag… like a Peak Design Everyday Backpack…

To protect thousands of dollars of camera equipment… Not a backpack I’d wear on a skate machine lol. One good fall that bag is done.

Just my opinion… backpacks aren’t for skating… Unless it’s just big enough for a charger. And mostly a spine protector

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If you go out and ride only. I use my board to ride all around town everyday for my job and right now i carry a 10 kg board and it s a pain in the ass. I do stop n go all the time where i can’t stay on the board.

So for all of us commuting a lot it makes sense, but a this price this is pretty expensive. Tho i clearly believe that it’s a way for boosted to force peoples with the 200 $ credit to use them. I hope for a decrease in price in the next 6 month when they will release next models.

What bag is that? Looks dope.

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If I have to carry anything on my longboard or eSk8 I reach for my crumpler messenger bag, backpacks suck in a tuck just like a bike…

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Lol, just woke up, you know how I roll, fast and loose. And I kant reed reel gud. Gracias.


Actually is that the first one or the second sleek spine/stow bag… I thought that was the first one, I like the latter.

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Sender hey man it’s an EVS 2016 Street Vest

After adjusting…just undo one rib/abdomens strap and it pops off.

And just because Cobber said it. I agree backpacks suck for tucking. But this thing is great…no high center of gravity or anything. Just a little neck hump that almost acts like a LIAT system neck for the back of the helmet.


and a pic sans helmet dude!

yeah it is like a hump my motorcycle leathers had to smooth the air from my helmet…

it has purpose!

and protection…

edit: should i quote this before it disappears?


Thou long hair has been revealed. Lol

Nothing compared to @Sender 's lucious locks though… lol


it was already seen dude!



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wouw 260$ for a bag. jesus dude.

generic board catcher works decent and can be found for 35$+.

Other question, how often and for what would you use that backpack. My problem is, I cannot enter anywhere with that. I am already 196cm tall, with the board sticking out a good 20cm on the video (same with my board catcher) its actually much more inconvenient than just some good old carrying. Doors, trains, low passages become a big nono. What good is a backpack when it is inconvenient. I am actually interested how you use those things in your daily lives.

Seriously always wondered if people use those bags and what for ? Since for me carrying a board for up to an hour is totally fine. I mean 12-14kg is nothing really.


I’m in the same boat…if I gotta carry it ok, if it’s for a while I just wheel it like a suitcase and mall grab the fuck out of it, but only cause they’re electric and a quarter of my body weight lol.

Everyone’s habits are different. But really the only time I don’t carry my board is when I go grocery shopping. I toss it in the bottom of the kart. Otherwise I’ll carry my board everywhere else unless like mentioned above for long periods.


OP posts a clickbaity title. I thought it was a post where Boosted shot themselves in the foot with this bag.

wuut 25% of your body weight.?

And was is wrong with a mall grab on a longboard? :slight_smile:

Mall grabs are inherently for pussies. :wink:

At least that what I was taught growing up skating. lol.

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Lol 30lb board… I’m 5’6" 132lbs… so about quarter… lol using averages here…