Boosted Long Running Lookalike | Madrid | Turnigy SK3 6374 192KV | Maytech VESC | 10S5P LG HE4 Li-ion | BMS |

Hi everyone.

Finally i can show you my attempt at making my first board. I was going for a board that looked like the boosted board, but had more range.

I choose to make a battery pack out of 50 LG HE4 18650 batteries. I choose to make them into a 10S5P pack ending up to 36V 12.5Ah battery. And after fitting it and then realising that it might have been to big. I tried the board and got around 30-40Km range pr charge, then i thought the extra weight was justified.

The pack is made managed by a BMS from Suupower systems. Which allows me to draw 60A through the bms, so i can get the Over-voltage, Under-voltage, short protection and so on features. the VESC is set to Max draw 50A.

Overall the board should deliver between 1600W - 2100W of power based on the voltage 32V-42V

The battery and VESC holders are made with my Tevo Tarantula 3d printer, and then coated with Fiberglass. I don’t have access to a vacuum bag so that is why the edges looks a bit rough.

Here you can see my first attempt at printing the cases. it ended with my scrapping the first print and starting over, because of the quality of the print and because it could not fit the batteries.

Then here is the pack in the final case.

and here is the final board, with flashlights as headlight and bicycle lights as back light.


Nice build even though looks like there is still some work to finish it.

Really love all the printables you made… fenders, enclosures, light holders…

hell yeah this looks great. Just do something with those pulley bolts and you’re all set!

Nice work!

Great to hear guys. Since this is my first board, every kind of feedback and tips are welcome, i am always looking for ways to improve the board. So throw all you got.

If you’re riding on rough terrain the p-clips you used for the flashlights might shear off. I lost a flashlight with that :c

Looks great, but your esc enclosure is backwards

Nope, it’s not.

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Those bolts sticking out on your drive wheel could be very dangerous and are prone to catching

I would recommend buying shorter bolts or cutting them down. Then use acorn nuts instead of the standard hex nut


Hmm, just thought it was since the boosted ones are faced the other way. Unless he did it for a specific reason?

EDIT: Oh, I saw the first picture (when it was still yellow) and didn’t pay attention to the other ones.


you on crack bro? that’s the way he did it in his pics

No reason for this kind of language my fellow skater :wink:

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look at the edit

I saw the edit :wink:


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