Boosted... Meh, no more Loaded decks or Caliber trucks

Not that I care :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

but Boosted have dropped their branded decks & trucks with their new boards…

gone to a deck mounted electronics lid as well, that won’t win over some fans either :thinking:

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since i heard some boards locked up while driving, harming the driver - i would not buy a boosted.



yea i’ve never heard of that…

Some of the guys in this group experienced these things.

Sounds more like they braked to hard and the wheels spun backwards and x person couldn’t skate worth a shit…


where’s the evidence that it was a boosted?

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Also glad they stopped using the trucks they were using… lol



Looks to me like they are trading in a zero rake cheap cast truck with a name, for a new precision machined truck without a name…I would call that a win if the design is descent enough, obviously machined is better than cast, so don’t knock the move to drop Caliber unless you tried the new trucks and they suck…I wanna see pics of these new trucks…

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Says precision machined, still look cast though.

Maybe they machined a cast truck, you know… for the bolt holes.

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The thing is the trucks were shit after they dropped Caliber, the V2 is running Boosted trucks and its the model that has truck issues.

The V1 didnt.

Likely forged…

HA! They most certainly are.

They say that as if 20MPH is abusive.

They chose the wrong loaded decks for that sort of durability, but its not like bulletproof decks don’t already exist.

I actually really doubt it.

I bet its just an improved cast truck, and they mis-spoke calling it precision machined.


Forged is stamped and then milled and cheaper then full cnc/billet. So I don’t doubt it…forged is also stronger then milled/billet and cast… Soo…

If their marketing material says precision machined and they are actually releasing a forged or cast trucks, then call them on it…that’s a bait a switch…or get your hands on them, measure them and review them before making assumptions…




They probably don’t get that when skaters hear “Precision machined” that we expect it to mean “Billet CNC”

So what it probably is, is just cnc’d in places. Like the aluminum is trimmed on the ends of the axle for a precision bearing interface, a machined pivot cup, or bushing seat.

Or it could be the guy who made the advert just didn’t have a clue.


but no seriously, what about these girls on roller skates? How cool is this!!