Boosted... Meh, no more Loaded decks or Caliber trucks



They probably don’t get that when skaters hear “Precision machined” that we expect it to mean “Billet CNC”

So what it probably is, is just cnc’d in places. Like the aluminum is trimmed on the ends of the axle for a precision bearing interface, a machined pivot cup, or bushing seat.

Or it could be the guy who made the advert just didn’t have a clue.


but no seriously, what about these girls on roller skates? How cool is this!!


I’m disappointed, there is not much improvement. they still selling old boosted dual so even more confusing. meh same over priced shit

at least they changed the truck. Some users snaps off the axle.

Hey kind folks, what’s that tracking app that displays your route as a flyover?

On topic; IMG_5254



That’s called Relive, it’s on the phone, uses strava and other apps to track and then compiles your route along with photos taken during the trip to make a cool short video… Here’s one I made with it, it’s pretty easy to use…


They move away from using kegels

Which in turn gives us the same issue that I have with hub motor boards - I don’t trust a single e-board company to provide support for a product like special wheels/sleeves for long enough

Their top of the line board is the same as a V2 with proprietary parts so it’s harder to repair on your own and it’s black… Oh and 85mm wheels

looks like the inside of the wheel still has kegel hole layout.

This is from their webpage «…the trucks will now be precision machined instead of cast, which results in a stronger final product and allows us to use much stronger aluminum alloys. Our new trucks are almost twice as strong as the previous generation – a massive improvement on such a critical part of the board.»

Yes I understand what it said, that’s why I spoke to it and referred to it…

Honestly this is a game changer

Boosted has enough of a base to keep afloat but as more better options become readily available they will start to struggle.

Think it’s more so about the warranty…then other options…


Ok. It clearly says «instead of cast», that was my point. But I agree, they might still be machined forged trucks.

these boards are ugly, the old design looks better imo


This killed their chances of me buying the shortboard. I was excited about it. They made the same critical mistake Evolve and Hyper Beast did.

The idea is to prevent water ingress and deal with it if it occurs. The top mounted lid does not do that second part. Which means I can’t buy it, because it has design flaws.

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I’m pretty sure it’s just a griptape design. There’s no screws in it for a lid, the screws you see is for the trucks. From the bottom it looks like the normal Boosted batteries, I believe they are interchangeable across all models. :slight_smile:

Also, if you look at the closeups you can see the stuff is still bottom mounted.

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Overall the boards look very unoriginal. The same ideas have been seen throughout the years and tbh even some Chinese no name boards look better than these. For me it’s a no.

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