Boosted parts re-purpose to dropdown?

I’m being offered a Boosted Dual+ V2 in trade but already have a lot of better-for-me boards already. I’d be interested in keeping it if I could rip the parts off to convert my favorite drop down deck to electric. Would this be possible? Or not with those parts? My deck in question is an Arbor Dropcruiser, nice and wide like I like. Thanks for any thoughts to make it work or if it’s not worth the trouble!

Short answer, Yes… It’s likely possible.

However, it might not be practical, I would be most concerned about the thickness of the battery mounted onto the bottom of a drop deck, it’s going to be very low to ground.

Also, you may need to do some lengthening of wires etc.

here is another thread that has a similar topic:

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Thanks! Sort of what I figured but up for a project. You know… since we’re all stuck inside! :smiley:

how you going to mount the trucks? dropthru? or top mount? obviously you can use risers to increase ground clearance

I have zero thoughts on that! Total noob.

basically, you need to measure the thickness of the battery, then you need to make sure that it won’t hit the ground when mounted to the deck.

the ground clearance is determined by a few things.

  1. How deep the drop in the deck is, it looks like a half inch.
  2. The size of your wheels. i think boosted in is 80mm?
  3. The height of the trucks & truck riser combined
  4. where / how the deck is connect to the trucks. (in the pic above the trucks are “dropthru” making the deck even lower to the ground)
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Thanks for the tips! I’ll check it out! I figured it might be fun to get their 105’s also before they’re all sold out with the bankruptcy. I don’t mind using risers if it’s feasible. I just like the width of that particular deck I already own. Cheers.

105 sounds like a good idea, heaps more ground clearance so battery should be safe from hitting the ground.

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