Boosted Pro | Loaded Vanguard | Rear Dual 6355 Sensored | 18650 10s2p with BMS | Dual VESC in FOC | Custom Kydex Enclosure

Boosted Pro | Loaded Vanguard | Rear Dual 6355 Sensored | 18650 10s2p with BMS | Dual VESC in FOC | Custom Kydex Enclosure

Pretty self-explanatory. This is the beginning of my build thread. I have already made some good progress, but I am just doing this post to get the parts list out there.

Parts list:

Hardware Loaded Vanguard Flex 3 deck Caliber II Trucks 83mm ABEC Flywheel Clones Bones Reds Bearings with Spacers

2x DIY/ TorqueBoards V4 motor mounts 2x DIY/ ToqueBoards 36T/16T ABEC Pulley Combo Kit

Electronics 2x DIY/ TorqueBoards 6355 190kv Sensored Motors 2x DIY/ TorqueBoards VESC DIY/ TorqueBoards Nano Remote DIY/TorqueBoards ON OFF Power Switch

Battery 10s2p 20x Samsung 25R 40A BMS (from ebay) Pure Nickel Strip 42V 3A Power Supply


@torqueboards I beleive that you shipped an incorrect kit. The washer is correct, but the drive wheel is not. Please let me know how to return/ get a replacement unit.




I have been riding the board around campus the past week in its current state. Everything is Gaff Taped on.

Charging Station

Currently running only 1 motor for getting around campus. The motor mount scraped at some point because the screws got loose. I now applied copious locktight and have had no further issues

Board has plenty of clearance

Top View.


Makes-shift Gang!

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Slim build ! Enjoy the ride :wink:


A new DRV chip, c26 capacitor, and c18 capacitor has arrived from mouser.

I will try to bring back the VESC once I get back from thanksgiving break.

(I blew one of my vescs with incorrect FOC settings last week)

For more info on my progress, follow this thread:

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You payed wayyyy too much for those 25R’s. It’s fairly easy to get them for under $4.00 per cell, but that listing shows over $8 per cell…

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I bought 2 packs of 10 for $55 each. Just couldn’t find the amazon listing anymore.

Overall I spent 110 on batteries.

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That’s a little better

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I still need to scan in my enclosure templates for you.


Were you going to mount a dual system as stated on the title?

Have you found any nice enclosure? for the Vanguard?

Yes. I have the second motor, mount, and gears but I blew one of my 2 VESCS from switching to FOC without resetting… So I am fixing that first.

Also, as far as enclosures go, I am planing on making a KYDEX enclosure. I am at Georgia Tech, so I have access to a CNC machine which I will likely use to make a mold for the KYDEX cast. We also have a proper vacuum forming machine, so I plan to use that.

I will upload my solidworks files once I finish them. (Probably in a week or two since I am currently home for thanksgiving break.)


Keep us posted!

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I am looking to upgrade/ switch my BMS to the BesTech 10S BMS with e-switch as it should make for a cleaner overall design.

This BMS:

I have already contacted BesTech, but there are minimum order quantities. If anyone wants one, let me know before Wednesday Nov 30, 2016

I have attached the data sheet below that was sent to me.


Hello Tim!

I’m building a very similar board, I’m using a dual 6355 motors with 13/36 pulley kit and I’m building a 10S4P battery for long rides.

I’m using this custom fiberglass VESC’s enclosure. I had one 3D printed (@emancarrillo) and now I made it one with fiberglass.

Please let me now if you are interested in getting one.


Do you also make these in bigger sizes?


Very nice case. I have already bought Kydex sheets, so I will attempt making one soon, but I will let you know if that fails.

I am currently waiting for my burned out VESC to finish the RMA process but will get back to building after that.

Also, What does your layout look like on the inside of your enclosure and how did you route cables from your battery? I am planning on 3D printing a holder for the dual VESCs similar to this one by @Blasto:

I also have 2 6800uf 63v (really large) capacitors that I will use to replace the stock VESC capacitors to avoid any issues with running wires across the board.

This is he layout on the inside.

I grooved the vanguard with a DREMEL, I have 2 lines which I can run the cables through. Check Eboosted’s post, we are building pretty much the same setup, you’ll see how the lines are made.

@fraannk , yes, I can make bigger sizes, actually, I’m doing the battery enclosure (10S4P) son

How is this build coming along?

UPDATE: I should be getting my second VESC within the next few days (sent off for warranty a long time ago) and I will be continuing the build from there.

Does anyone (@MarioGC maybe??) Have experience running dual vesc foc on the 6355 motors? I’m on a college campus, so silence would be great.

I will be updating this thread once my parts arrive and when I start building again.