Boosted V1 Kegel Pulley

So i was woundering how easy this would be to recreate? its hdt 3m and 50t, and 15mm wide i just dont like the idea of someone selling these for 40$… and noones willing to relase any files.

Has to fit a pulley in the back ssas

Under the assumption that the HDT 3M belt is the same as all other HDT 3M belts, this is easy. Take the CAD file for any pulley with the right tooth profile and re-extrude it to thickness, and add the other features, the kegle and abec hole patterns are easy to acquire

Only issue is printing, 3M is a bitch to print based on experience

for 40usd I expect the quality QC and Service that I get when I purchase a Pulley through Jared… not some ebay lister :rofl:

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I mean it should be like $10 in materials and $5 in shipping, and another $5 to account for time to print …so like $20

(generous numbers out of my ass)

a good roll of pla that is 1kg is only 20$…

i expect the printed pulleys to last at max 250miles before hdt 3m wears down

Just got a boosted board and couldnt swallon the pulley price tag…

wanted somethin metal, aint trying to break my other wrist

PLA would probably melt before that many miles

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abs is the same price.

Buy aluminum, drill 40x 1.3mm holes, lathe in the hump, drill 5 holes for screws, bolt to wheels, drive for hundreds of miles

will take hours but its literally $3


aluminum will not break down after x amount of miles if you treat it right, I estimate at least 8k miles

I don’t have the skills, maybe some forum member does? ill be willing to pay 150+

I mean…I got a drill press…if I have the time I’ll look into it

also has to fit a special bearing and it needs to have correct amount of spacing between the wheel and the pulley

mod using the stock pulleys.

just couldnt find half of the parts he was talking bout, plus most of em were plastic…

Why do you want new wheels anyway? Boosted stuff is pretty legit

i want bigger wheels the stock wheels are 75mm…

and i want to switch to caguama or kegal

How much are you willing to pay for a pulley that needs a little modding and some printing for spacers?

$26.82 for 2x 40T HDT 3M 15mm pulleys with walls shipped in the US

You need the curved spacer that sits in the pocket of the wheels, some 6M bolts to attach to the wheel with nylocks, and to drill holes in the pulley for them

it has to be a 50t pulley or else, there will be a great torque reduction because of the 40t compared to 50t and the 85mm wheels compared to 75mm

and the thing that you stated can be done with the stock pulleys

IMG_20190206_145709 IMG_20190206_145701

They got 48 tooth versions

but wouldnt it be simpler to use stock pulleys than?

parts required

4x 6mm nylon screw insulator

4x 4mm x 12mm Cylindrical nylon spacers

4x Phillips screws

4x Nuts for screws

2x 291-3MGT-15

just cant seem to find some of the parts

I guess so

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