Boosted Wannabe | Vanguard | Dual 6355 190KV | Dual Focboxes | 12S1P Lipos | Calibur Trucks


This is my second build, my first was about 3 years ago when parts were not so readily available.The deck and wheels were recycled but everything else is new.

The goal for this board is:

  • look good
  • relatively light
  • easy to maintain
  • good performance

I am building it for my son to ride around his college campus.

Deck: Vanguard Flex 3

Motors: dual products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv

ESC: Dual Focboxes

Enclosures: enclosures from @eboosted

Batteries: four


Motor mount:

Pulleys: collections/drive-wheel-pulleys/products/36t-kegel-drive-wheel-pulley-12mm

Wheels: 80mm Orangatang Kegel Longboard Wheels

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Dual 6355 motors added.

Four lipos fit but barely. I think three is a better fit.

Two focboxes sqeezed in. A fairly tight fit but it all made it in.

My routing skills leave a lot to be desired but hopefully will not be noticed once the grip tape goes over it.

Need to change the m4 bolts to black. That stainless is really bothering me.

Ran regular 10 gauge wire which works but is very stiff and doesn’t seem ideal. Ordered silicone ones to replace it.

Current state. It is functional but still need to add some sort of BMS, power switch, better seal around the enclosures, grip tape, velcros to tie down all the components, and bunch of other minor stuff.


Looks awesome your son is going to love it!

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Looks like a beast, he’s gonna love it

that looks clean I may have to copy your build :wink: keep us updated.

Very Clean build.

Awesome board :+1:

where did you get the boxes?

dad of the year award?

If you are referring to the enclosures, they are from @eboosted. I am really happy with the enclosures and highly recommend them.

Really awesome board, actually my dream build, I really want to know how r u charging it? Kudos on the build

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Thanks A-lone-tenno. I am still working on that area but current plans are for antispark switch with some sort of BMS. Will update this thread with my findings and progress.

Today I got the neoprene rubber seal delivered so I spent some trying to figure out how best to apply it. I first I tried to put it on the enclosure but it didn’t work out well. It looked very sloppy and the fit was just not great. Then I just tried to estimate where the enclosure would touch the board and applied the strip directly on the board. But that really looked messy and amateurish.

After some more time trying to figure out what to do, I came up with the following process:

I first added the strip on the board approximately where the the enclosure would land but let it extend bit beyond the boundaries.

Then put the enclosure on and trimmed the excess with a sharp blade for a precise fit.

Here is the result after the trimming. Exact and neat fit!

I think the result looks pretty good. It is very hard to tell that the seals are there unless you look really closely, and it seems to be doing it’s job of providing a tight seal.

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I made some more progress on the board over the holidays.

First, I filled in the routed area with some resin and added grip tape which made the board look nice and new. It was quite messy and I ended up getting some on my fingers even though I wore gloves, which really sucks since I can’t use the fingerprint reader on my phone until it wears off!

I then added a blue led power switch to control the antispark switch on order from antisparkheaven. It was quite long so I had to remove the plastic piece on and solder on the wires. For now, I am just using a loopkey sticking out the side.

Lastly, I had to add at 1/2" riser to give enough clearance for the motors. The buildkitboards mount is very nice but it angles down quite a bit. So given the way I routed the motor cables, I had to raise the trucks quite a bit. To keep the cables flat, I used a super sticky gorilla glue double sided tape.

Here is the complete board so far. I still need to add BMS, better charging, antispark switch, and possibly switch Lipos with Li-ions. Another lesson I learned is not to make the belts too tight. Before I set it to proper tension, it was causing incessant clicking and clacking noise which drove me crazy.


Perfect timing. I found in my mailbox today the antispark switch from antisparkheaven, delivered all the way from Austria.

I know there are a few iphone apps for the Vesc already, some which look really nice and full featured, but none that I could readily try due to hardware restrictions or it being payware. So I ended up writing my own while waiting for other board parts to arrive. It was mainly to just learn about VESC and Bluetooth and see how it all worked.

It is still work in progress, but at this time I have the basic framework in place. It is able to scan for the bluetooth device, connect, and pull and display basic telemetry data on the iphone and iwatch. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how straightforward it was. So far I have about 10 hours invested, most of it involving googling for the info on VESC protocol and Bluetooth LE. It works with generic HM10 bluetooth module BTW.

I am thinking next about adding GPS ride tracking and charting. It would look something like below (this is taken from my motorcycle app MotoB):

Showing all the rides and sharing with friends:

Drill down to the details of a ride:


Are you going to sell it ? Open-source it ?

I am thinking of offering it for free on the app store but not sure about open sourcing it. It is pretty much spaghetti code, and I am writing it just for fun on my spare time.


Hey, currently doing the same as you.

Did you sand down the pre applied griptape before you applied the new stuff or? :slight_smile:

Yep. I hit it with a belt sander and got it down to the bare wood, followed by application of resin for the entire top of deck.