Booster unit (Hot swap decks) | Belt Driven | 14 Mi range | Single 63xx Motor | 220mm Trucks

Alright, so about 2 months ago I snagged up 2 “Ivoryboard” booster units for $600 (Improved Onan X2s). The actual units themselves are actually quite good, probably the most powerful board ive ever ridden in 4wd (Very fast acceleration up a 20% hill, 200lbs rider), but the master plan was to eventually create a belt driven booster unit I could slap on most decks.

Here are the useful components I got for $600 Shipped: 2x Aluminum chasis 2x Battery cases 2x 10S2P 22P Batteries 2x 220mm really, REALLY wide trucks that carve well 4 Of the most powerful hubs ive ever ridden. 100mm too A really nice bamboo deck with nice W concave.

I’ve also got the front trucks and ESCs, but I don’t think ill be using them. The ESC is actually pretty smooth, and the remotes okay, but I want belt drives!

I am also lucky enough to have 2 Other onan x1 chasis (Pretty much exactly the same), so I will be able to use those maybe with TB 218mm or other trucks to have 4 total booster units.

Current hurdles:

  • How big a battery can I fit in the existing cases?
  • I need to make custom motor mounts to fit the wideboi trucks
  • Can I fit the VESC in the unit nicely?
  • Can I get the software for dual diagnal working to have 2 boosters on 1 deck?

Original inspiration (From when i picked up the Onan X1 boosters to convert)

Battery Currently, I am planning on fitting a 10S2P Sanyo pack in the battery, but its yet to be seen if it will fit properly.

Paging @faust for any info on fitting VESCs and cells!