Bosch 500W PowerPack Battery for e-Mountainboard (?)

New Guy with question for the electronics/battery savvy Experienced Guys:

I have a couple Bosh 500W PowerPack batteries for my e-Mountain Bikes. Can I use these batteries to power my first e-Mountainboard build (MBS 95X Board with dual belt drive 6374 motors). Here are photos of the Bosh batteries and chargers with specifications:

A layman’s explanation would be appreciated.



Yes, technically no reason it cannot power your board.

But i suppose we need to know what your other components are. Specifcally the motor controller you will use.


Unless advised otherwise, planning to buy this Flipsky Group D10 Electric Skateboard Kit:



Yeah, that kit is fine.

You really just need to make sure the battery can handle the current draw from your setup. The battery probably has a built-in BMS that will cut off if the current draw is too much for it. Do you have any more specs on the battery pack?

It is possible to limit the max current draw in the VESC based motor controllers. I’ve never used those flipsky VESC before, I assume it is compatible with the VESC sfotware which allows you to set the max battery current.

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Not a lot of technical specifications to be found for the Bosch PowerPack Batteries on their website:

Page #31 of the Bosch Battery Guide 2020 indicates:

A Bosch eBike battery contains 40 lithium-ion cells and, depending on its specification, provides between approx. 300 Wh and 625 Wh of energy.

I have not yet found any specifications regarding current draw limitations, but I will keep looking.



The battery might only be good for 30 or 40amps max output. Ebikes tend to run lower current than what we like on esk8.

So, its probably at the low end of what most emtb need to be really fun. Not impossible to make it work, but just a bit weak.

Lots of other variables to factor in, rider weight, gear ratio etc. But you probably want around 60 to 80amps from your battery. Its always better to have a battery pack that is over engineered for the job.

for example, A pack that can output 100amps peak, that you run at 60amps max.

Hi, did you ever end up doing anything with this? I was looking to extend my skateboard range and I have a bosch battery available. But I think the BMS on it communicates with the electric bike somehow, since it doesn’t read 36v on any pin.

Thank you, Dan