Bosch wireless charger?

So I recently discovered that Bosch have brought out a wireless Li-Ion battery charger, with wireless charge batteries that aren’t much bigger than their plug-in counterparts. These are 18v batteries at 2 and 4ah. This is a step in the right direction for the 36v batteries in most boards at the minute. Here’s the Amazon link: Reckon this could be a viable means to charge boards wirelessly? How do you think it could be integrated?

I once looked into this topic also. The company which made them (new zealand based) had quite high production cost for these units…

Also… the power output should be in 100-150W for it to be any worthy… otherwise for bigger batteries it might be more for slow charging (like overnight and so on)

Overnight would work out alright for me, it would be nice to have a charger and stand in one, if I could manage doing that wirelessly it’d be great

well some power data would be nice… like how fast does it charge that 2ah / 4ah pack?

It does say in one place 1850 W or so… but im not sure can it really be 2kw?

There’s frustratingly little information on specs like that, might just have to bite the bullet and get one to find out, lol