Both AT hub wheels and PU wheels are 800watts but

I have an electric skateboard here from AEboards and in their site, both motors are 800watts, however, when I asked the company if it was possible to just use a MR30 connector to bullet connector to try to connect the wheels to the board, they told me that the esc used on this build won’t work with the AT wheels, despite it being rated the same 800watts. My question would be, won’t the ESC work with this wheel, being the same watts as the original wheels that was on the board?

I haven’t tried to connect it yet, but I wanted to know if the wheels would cause issues to the esc that uses the same 800 watts.

If the wheel sizes are different sizes, it definitely matters. The escs are usually pre programmed and set for a specific size wheel. Bigger size wheel can cause cogging and slow speeds. Change the esc and you can then run motor detection for the bigger Or smaller wheels

Hmm. We’re talking 105mm×56mm for the PU at 800w and 110mm×65mm for the AT at 800w. I would expect the range to be hit, but I didn’t know if the wheel size would also be the reason.

I had a basic esc that came with 83mm hubs. Switched to some 90mm hubs and had issues

Switched the esc to a flipsky and ran motor detection and everything was great

That’s understandable since the size is very different, But I honestly can’t tell with these. I can’t send photos yet due to being new to the forums, but if you see them yourself, you would think it would be no different, save the connectors.

But here is the website:

As you can see, my issue here is “are the motors also the same as the AT one?”

70×65mm is the motor size, but as you can see, no info was given for the AT side…

Im not an expert. Ive only been building a couple of years… I NEVER look at the wattage of a motor. I usually go by the size and kv. These teo motors are hubs but they use different material. That could require them to have a different kv or be a different size to avoid overheating. These problems can be solved by running motor detection with a vesc tool. This is a builders forum so you could just get a cheapo programmable esc, solder on whatever connections are needed and ride. I think problems could occur if you just hotswap but I could be wrong.


I gotcha. I’m still learning this myself. They’re sending me the esc for it so I’ll see if the kv rating is higher on this esc. If not, I got my answer.

Kv rating is on the motors. Higher kv motors mean less torque but more top speed. Lower kv means more torque but less top speed.

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