Bought a motor but need direction on what pulleys and timing belt to buy

Hello there everyone,

I’m building an electric longboard currently and I’m following this guide:

I bought a motor but it’s a bit different than the one that he uses in the guide. It has a lower kv rating (149kv compared to his 280kv) and the shaft is larger on mine. I chose a lower kv motor because where I live there are more hills (South Dakota) and was advised by some that a smoother acceleration is worth it. I already fabricated the motor mount shown in the guide (except I didn’t drill the motor mount holes yet). Now the only thing I need to do is buy the correct pulleys and belt. I’m not very experienced with any of this so I decided to come here for some advice.

The stuff I’m currently looking to purchase:

Small Pulley:

Big Pulley:

Note: This big pulley is the same one he uses in the guide. I want to get the same one so that it fit’s into my longboard wheel as shown in the guide.

Belt: According to my calculations, this is that should work with this set up although I’m not sure if my calculations are correct. OR

But most likely the second option as I’m getting the other parts from that site so I may as well just get them all together for one shipping cost from one site.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Will this work?



This kit is well worth the price:


It’s everything you need. Getting each piece separate with shipping will probably be more.

Fits right into these wheels:

Go to this site to do the calculations for the motor and wheel pulley sizes:

Thanks for the info man!

Does this seem like a realistic top speed to you? I entered my info into that calculator and these are the results I got.

Pretty slow if you ask me. Maybe getting a 149 kv motor was a bad idea?

I got this one.

80% efficiency would be more accurate. But those speeds are realistic.

The other benefit of esk8 motors is that @torqueboards and @onloop key the shafts really well. So you know that the pulley is set. I’m not entirely sure about that motor. It looks like it uses one set screw.

I have mine keyed from @torqueboards with 2 set screws thru the pulley. That thing is not going to move.

I had the same setup with my first board, I’m pretty light so I actually got up to like 16mph… If you want to go faster, get a faster motor (I got the 245kv SK3, or you could get a bigger motor pulley)

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Hey! How was the torque with that setup? Could it accelerate from still? Thanks!

Which? I used to run a 16:36 6S with 70mm wheels, now running a 20:36 with 83mm wheels. They can both accelerate from still easy.

Great! What speed are you getting with the 20:36 and 83mm wheels? Thanks!

Almost 30mph, but I switched from a 149kv motor to a 245kv.

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What if i just kept the motor and threw in another battery in series to make it 9s? 8 believe my motor supports that.s

You would need a VESC, or similar ESC. But it would be fine

How about this one ?