Bought a non-running boosted v1

Hello Everyone,

I recently bought a non-working boosted v1. At first, id get red lights indicating that the battery is low. But then I stopped getting any lights at all. I started taking it apart, I found 3 dead cells. I charged them back up to 3.3v and they’re holding charge. I noticed that the main terminals are not showing me a voltage. But when I test battery 1 and battery 12 then I get the voltage.

BMS is toast? Do all the cell’s voltages match now?

They’re within .05, how would I tell if the bms is toast?

check the hall sensor wiring

Where would that be located?

Not even getting any lights

if you are in the USA, maybe contact this company, i read that these guys might have some boosted spare parts arriving soon.

is there voltage on the pcb?

No there isn’t. And there’s non on the top 2 corners of the bms

but there is voltage on the battery? Try testing between one leg, postive or negative and the opposite polarity on the battery, sounds like a broken phase wire, Not difficult to fix if it is. IF you have a multimeter check for continuity between the battery active and the PCB active and likewise for the negative.

Yeah there’s voltage on the battery, near 40 volts. Soon as I go up to the bms I get nothing. Not sure how to check the PCB active and battery active.

it’s just the other end of the battery cables. the big black and read on the PCB

Yeah I’m getting nothing

looks like cable is broken, peel back the grip tape and check for damage

Doesn’t look like it

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