Bought a pair of 200kv motors but the gear on the one motor rattles

I bought a set of 200 kv motors for my bamboo gt as the 150KV’s locked up on me and I sent them to evolve only for them to come back and do it again (quality tech’s they have there. Anyway I bought the motors that did not have the gear and purchased the gear separately do to reviews saying the motor with the gear didn’t ship with one. When I put the 6mm M3 screw in the one it is fine with no rattle or play. The other one has a little play to it and I have that set screw down good.It holds well enough but when i ride every rotation of the gear I hear a click/rattle as It’s just clinking/rattling on the motor shaft. Anything I could do to alleviate this, about to buy another gear but I’d rather not if possible.

I guess a video showing the problem could help!

sounds like the tolerances are not what they should be, you could glue it on with loctite…

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I was thinking about using something like epoxy or something to smother over the end of the gear to fill in the space. Don’t plan on ever taking the gear off but don’t know if that might be a bad idea or not.

Something isn’t right dude. I wouldn’t ride it till you sort it out, or ride it as a single if you have too. When shit brakes at speed it is not worth it…

It doesn’t look like it is aligned, vibration…

Loctite that pulley in place. When I had the 140kv racerstars and same pulley as yours, the grub screw was just too small to be enough. I’ve loctite the pulley onto the shaft, then used threadlock and screwed in the grub screw as well. Did 200 miles or more on that setup, not a single issue.

All right, I got a whole tube of blue loctite. I’ll report back in about an hour or two if it works.

the end of the gear is not your problem, it sounds/looks like it is not centered?

Well, just rounded my Allen key, luckily the gear wasn’t on the motor all the way. Anyone know of a good Allen key set? Gonna be buying another gear as that screw is done. Hopefully the next gear fits properly.

The set screw in these gears is tiny. You could drill it out and tap for a larger set screw.