Bought a tiller, how do I connect to Bluetooth?

Got a tiller with Bluetooth module but no idea how to connect?!

I searched but didn’t come up with a ton

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This work with iOS?

Bought a tiller complete?

Actually ack app is just for android last I checked. Fucking Apple.


Don’t buy apple stuff.



Wut do?

Yes tiller complete. So sexy

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Mommy bought it while I was in the hospital when my arm got ripped off. I actually like it.

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I hear those excuses all the time, but the truth is you’re allowing it to happen. No different than if you were eating baby seal meat, then you would be supporting that, despite not personally killing the baby seal yourself.

The best option is to get a cheap used Android to use for this purpose.

You can probably score a 5-year-old device for minimal cash.

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I have a beater Android you can have. Where you at? Denver by chance?


@Thebreadsticks BEN! Glad youre better. Found you lol

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Got 'em!


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If you’re available tonight you can stop by, we can wipe the phone and get it setup for you maybe ride if you like. Otherwise Sunday.

@Thebreadsticks as well i found an S5 while packing and i have no need for it. If you dont want it ill probably throw it in the cheap thread for a few bucks/trade.


Oh shit thats better, I got a super old Virgin Mobile Android and an S3.

The S3 has lineage OS, unlocked and rooted… Actually still kinda holds up vs my S7

@skatardude10 go to Whatup and we can bombard Ben with it lol

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Haha sounds like you guys have me taken care of! Not sure where I’m riding tomorrow, kinda wanted to do the 420 thing. We shall see

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@Thebreadsticks lets see some pictures of this ride man!