Bought this BMS from has anyone else purchased from them?

I guess I probably should have checked prior to buying it, but was wondering if anyone else used the following BMS for a 10S4P setup.

one follow up question for those that have bought from them is how long does it take to ship. I selected the cheapest “zone” shipping because the other options were pretty absurd.

I use a couple of bms modules from them, the 60A 10S versions. I think it took 3 weeks with registered airmail aliexpress chinese type shipping to Slovakia central Europe

Thanks Martin, im hoping its a little less than 3 weeks to the US, but based on my past experience with aliexpress, 2 weeks seems like the norm if its in stock…

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I have the 60a version that I use with my 10s4p 30q battery.

Took just under two weeks to Sweden.

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I used the 8S version of the same type with no problems. The only thing i did was cut the excess metal off the sides due to the large footprint. Took like 3 weeks to get delivered.

one month to california usa

I got the 10s 60a version aswell. 3 weeks delivered to Finland. But I bought it from ebay