Boundmotor vesc power

HI guys!

So I had a fsesc 4.2 dual. I wrecked, burned out the board, due to the case being punctured. Longstory short, I got the Boundmotor vesc. So far it seems reliable, but it was a pain to work with.

The build quality was awesome, It had mounting screw holes, full aluminum casing. No place to add bluetooth module was the first downer. Second is that, although they both work in sync with the remote, you have to program each side individually, any time you make a change.

Two problems I have right now… no matter how I invert motors, when it isn’t plugged in, it always starts in reverse. not too big an issue, cause you just double tap the power button on the controller to change the direction, just a little annoying.

Bigger problem, I have about a 10 percent loss in speed and torque. I am barely climbing a hill that i consistently crushed with the flipsky fsesc. Same motors and battery. I made sure the ppm throttle curve was calibrated which did fix a big part of the issue, but now i’m stuck. No bluetooth, so I can’t do logs while i’m riding either.

Any ideas, on what I can tweak?

So I have discovered that the reverse thing has something to do with the remote. (I think) If I turn the remote off, then back on, without turning the board on and off, it goes back to reverse.

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So I have discovered that if I reprogram on vesc tool, It works great, until I power off the vesc. then when I restart the vesc it reverts back to original factory settings.