Bowery Surf Adjustable Baseplate Pre-Order Ends Sept 30

Hey, I’ve gotten a few inquiries on when I’m going to restock the adjustable baseplates. If you fill out the form below, you can pick out the color and setup that you want!

@Touch415 @Didsomeone @Tello1969 @BruSkater @Clarkmitchell


Cool just submitted for a red surfrodz plate, and green TBDD plate. Thanks


I just submitted for a purple TBDD plate. I am not married to the color if you have minimums for production.

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No minimums for the colors. But we need to get at least 10 to get the order in with the factory

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Hey guys, I thought that the google form was capturing emails automatically. If you’ve submitted your pre-order info, I’ll need you to go back and update the form with some additional information. Thanks!!

@Didsomeone @Tello1969 @Touch415

Here’s an example of all the colors I’ve done if you need help deciding!


What is the range on these?

The range? You mean price? They’re $160 a pair.

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Angle. Will they go as low as 0 degree and up to 60 or 65 degrees?

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0-60 degrees

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What is the increment of adjustment? 2.5 degrees or 5 degrees for each smallest adjustment in angle? Also, What is the axel height above the mounting surface, and does the axel height change when you go from 0 to 60 or does it stay the same?

@mikenyc I’m getting my set from sender, so I’m out. Thanks for tagging me though.

oh ok no worries

Still would like to get between one and three sets. Just need some questions answered.

The axel height depends on the truck that you’re fitting into it. I’ll have to double check the increments. It’s been awhile since I’ve opened the file.

Am I right in thinking I only need to attach the hanger to your base plates? Have you got a pic of all the parts included?

I would be using the Caliber 2 hangers.

Had 2 people drop out. Need a couple more to make the order work!

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Fuck, please get in on these people! I need em

More people buying at e​sk​8.n​ews