Box for battery for MTB Trampa

Hi people. Please tell me the model of the battery boxes, I want to place it between my legs on my Trampa. I see many people use

Can eat other variants ?? tell them their names, model, link.

I want something to fit 6 Li-Po battery 6s 5000mAh = 12s3p 15000mAh

What’s the exact size of your battery pack? Add some space and then you can compare the internal size of boxes.

I use a PeliCase 1150, the 1120 is a smaller one.

Li-Po size I used 144x51x44(mm)

I think u need to search for “peli,can” cases. The other name might have been ultrabox

Check some other builds, for example made by @barajabali

Sorry for duplicating pelicase suggestion. That was an earlier reply