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Brainstorming non-destructive means of using the Enertion injection molded drive pulley with standard trucks

I made the mistake of buying the enertion drive wheel pulley, which as we all now know doesn’t fit with normal trucks.

I’m not willing to destroy my trucks for the sake of using this pulley, but I’m thinking that the least destructive method for getting it to work would be to remove the pre-installed bearing and krazy glu the pulley to my flywheels, providing enough clearance for the wheels to fit unobstructed on the truck and hopefully keeping the dwp fixed in place.

Does anybody else have any other ideas? I’m thinking of running out to the hardware store and looking for skinnier washers/spacers to provide more room for the nut. I’d appreciate any other ideas!

Thanks team!

I’d probably build or print a retainer for the outside of the wheel and drill holes to attach to the pulley using screws. Just like most of the other pulleys. You may have to bore out the center of the pulley to fit over the truck, though.

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What @mccloed said. Crazy glue will hold that pulley on your wheel for about 2 seconds.

I’m pretty sure if you just remove the bearing it will fit with no further modification except finding a way to bolt it on like mccloed suggests

fuhh I don’t have a printer. However, the pulley definitely fits with the bearing removed. I think I might just buy something new, I don’t have any tools yet to customize anything unfortunately. Thanks for the advice!

Yup it definitely fits with the bearing removed. We’ll see what I come up with, I don’t have the necessary tools to customize my own parts, so I might just buy the right pieces with aluminim or go to a 3d printing shop and have them print a template from another forum with the holes already drilled.

I’m sure someone here will take it off your hands. Post it up in the craigslist thread.

I’ll take if you’re in the us