Brake cutouts at low speed

I have a Kaly v1 with Enertion Focboxs 12s4p running on 5.2 firmware, the problem I’m having is that I’m getting brake cutouts at low speed when the battery is fully charged. Anyone have an Idea what can be causing it?

Are you actually braking on a fully charged battery?

Going slow, should it not work?

Isn’t there a way to block the regren when fully charged? My other boards don’t do that.

Your battery bms is stopping overcharging. Lower voltage on your battery a bit before braking to restore it to normal. Never brake on fully charged batteries. Either that, change your battery regen lower. Do not put it 0… You’ll get no brakes.

Other than this, normally, regen comes first, then the motor brakes, regardless of speed (unsure on this though). That what I got on my test.

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I have Battery Current Max Regen set at -15, on my other boards is set to -20 and they don’t do that. You think it’s the bms?

That depends if your batteries are bms bypassed or not. All i know is that if your battery is full, the bms cuts off the brakes since it would be overcurrent protection.

Other than this, I don’t have another answer.

I get it, but why don’t my other boards do that? Different bms maybe?

Yep. Different bms. To be fair, i don’t usually brake at full charge. But I’m riding on a hill whenever I leave home so it uses a lot of energy.

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Should I change the bms?

Up to you tbh. If it ain’t broke its good.

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IMHO people dont develop mechanical empathy to the degree needed. I overbuild, and keep demands in the realm of reasonable. I also have a 80 90 100 percent charger handy. I undervolt my esc. I DONT stall on hills. I try to stay on white pavement to prevent overheating and subsequent bad battery performance. I dont use full brakes on fullishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh charge.

My batteries are only 10 amp capable and that is to the detriment of longevity. But careful management of amps, it is coddled.

WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY overbuild, enjoy longevity and reliability.


That’s the thing, I’m not using full brake, am slowing down from maybe 8 or 10mph. Maybe there is a setting I should change?

Not that I know of tbh.

On Battery Current Max Regen, when set to -10A as opposed to -30A which value feeds more amps to the battery? (trying to understand)

-30. The higher the negative value, the stronger the brakes. I don’t remember the regen charging % but the higher the value, the more charge you get.

From what I understand, the actual regen is about half of what it is technically. And if your brakes are only on for a short period, and not hard, I would think you would never have brake failures. And there would not be a REAL overcharge that overheats the cells. So it is transitory. Or so I tell myself. I have brakes at -60. But I dont go fast, so dont really use much brake. And not at high speeds. Unlike you.

To recap, The real amp push into battery, is transitory, and half the setting.

So since I have them at -15A and braking light at slow speed it shouldn’t be cutting out correct? Or at least that’s what I think because comparing to my other boards that are set a bit stronger.

So far, it’s dependent on what bms you have. Some bms has the ability to remove charges when you brake at full charge, others cut off after a full charge since there’s nothing to discharge it from.

Im using this BMS with discharge ever since I made my board like 3 years ago. Its been rock solid so far, built in eswitch still works. I also have not experienced cut outs during braking with fully charged battery but Im not sure if its the ability of this bms or not. Down side is, it is quite bulky L120mmW80mmT25mm