Brake interrupt

Anyone else using the “Steez”-Remote?

If i drive above 15-20km/h and want to make a hard brake (pulling the throttle-lever completely back) it stops braking when im at about 75% brake force… sometimes i almost threw me off my board.

Normally the brake force is sufficient, but sometimes i wish i could pull harder to get more brake force. Has anyone else these interruptions? From what it originates from - is the remote set up wrong? Or is it an electronics problem?

It occurs with 1/1 - 1/2 - or almost empty battery charge. I dont know if its from the remote or the ESC (I use the esk8. ESC 1.1).

move the receiver around and test ride again, maybe its too close to some other wires?

i dont think this is a inductance problem. the receiver and remote works perfectly fine. no connection interruptions or else.

pictures? jhgvfhfhj


not mine but looks like this (its V1.2)

I would need to see yours to see if anything is funky :slight_smile:

i dont know anything about that esc though.

what do you mean by funky? 05

Yo if you have that ESC open it up and hot glue the caps down even though the fit is perfect the only problem I’ve had is a broken cap leg after 300 or so km this summer. 20180920_190405

Other than that I’ve been running 12s FOC without a hickup since day 1.

Like fuck you can’t even tell in that photo its broken lol

I already had a cap broken. Resoldered it back but will definitely glue the other one.

Attila wanted to send me a new cap, hope it arrives the next week. I’m just concerned about the warranty but I think this will be okay. Would it be a big problem if the cap is loose? I think it was for a longer while and I never had problems… don’t want to fry the ESC.

Mine was lose but still working pretty much no problems lol just the occasional abs over current fault but even that has been very rare lol.

do you think this cap works?

New problem I’ve encountered:

Was carving down a long hill and at the end i wanted to brake because the hill becomes very incline. I wanted to brake and the brakes didn’t even really catch up, they were very weak and in the end I pull my trigger completely it would just cut out the brakes… I do not understand the issue… has anyone else had these problems?

Was it on a fully charged battery? Do you use your bms for charge and discharge?

What’s your battery and motor min settings?

Battery was 1/2 charged.

BMS only for charging.

Motor min -60 Batt Min -8

More information:

It seems the faster I go, the weaker the brakes become. Had a really hard time today trying to brake when going 50kph. Almost had a crash.

Does anyone else has these steez remote problems?