Brake Light - are those animations usefull?

Hey Guys,

I was working on a brake light and fought the bits to move around. It will read out the ppm signal and according to that play the animations and in the right speed.

  • idle mode (red)
  • driving (red, green, black-bar rolling down)
  • driving faster, faster (red, green, black-bar rolling down)
  • brake (only red)
  • full break (only red strobo)

Do you got any suggestions?


Turn signals would be nice :grinning: Great job there :ok_hand:

i love it but too bright and white colour at rear. 100% illegal in my country. you would be stopped at sight.

So you would like to have another knob on your remote - to signal your direction? Find that too distracting. But its easy to implement.

Ohh I see - there is NO white only green and a “black” bar moving down. The iPhone X cam does not do a good job.

Brightness is at 54 of max 254.

I would’nt mind. Either push buttons on the remote or a a XY trigger axis. Like the nunchuk

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