Brake lights and Turn signals *Finally* for ANY ESC!

I wanted to add turn signals to my esk8 from the beginning, but it turns out this method requires a small hardware modification. probably not a big deal, but I wanted something more plug and play.

Finally its here. they have been working for a while now but I haven’t gotten around to posting them till now.

Seeing @Michaelinvegas shred light thread take off so fast shows that everyone is looking to do more night rides! on that note I’m working on headlights but remote control versions are limited by vesc 5v output on this version.


I also def consider it a safety issue…not for nothing I usually were black … and that’s not too smart at night on the street… the only way around it is to either wear lights…or have them on board…I like them on the board :wink:

And it seems none of my group rides are during the day…except for that meet up in Venice Beach :metal:t2::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:t2:

Yea even If i try not to wear all black while riding sometimes I can’t help it most of my jackets are black :sunglasses:

I’ve been riding with underglow for a few months but still wanted some brake lights because I can. Going to replace the other rgb with these too. since they are 5v they can run off the rx power no need for an extra buck or remote…

I think group rides are going to get pretty big this year. so many more riders! complete boards are finally almost shipping…haha

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Yeah I’m trying to figure out a spring ride with the Vegas group …

Riding at night is the best I love it

you kinda have to. I did a mid day ride out there, my board did fine but i felt like I was over heating lol

almost made it out for CES but that failed. :upside_down:

One day we’ll have the range for Vegas to Venice beach group ride! lol :joy:


Is this something you’re selling?

Yeah sheer heat and the sun just kills the fun…it ends up more like work lol

for now it was just a quick DIY project. depending on interest I’ll either put up an instructable type kit or turn it into a product.


yea it was the first time my wheels felt hotter than the motor :sweat_smile:

cool because id like multiple. Just for my personal boards.

Does it function off of the Vesc? or Receiver? If you dont mind me asking :slight_smile:

its from the receiver so it will work with any esc with 5v bec, I can add a regulator for rc esc’s with 6v+ bec.

on the 2nd prototype I even have 2 ch2 splitters built in for dual drives :sunglasses:

I was going to add some 3w led headlights that would also be remote control dimming but a single vesc can only put <1A on the 5v line.


street side mount with risers

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Double/tripple headlights non blinding lens + alu heatsinks…


Nicely done! Great job! Also a very good use of these 2812 leds! I still got few of them laying around (single units), did not have proper pcb to solder them onto!

thanks, the single leds are a pain. use the strips or x8 line/circle modules. so much easier!!

an outdoor demo. its was still light out.

skip to 1:15 for demo. or watch the random bit of of todays ride…


This is awesome! I especially love the turning animations with the flashing arrows! Something that may interest you are these 12V “15W” white head lights I found on eBay. I’m using a similar kind that are “10W” and I love them so far, but I don’t think there bright enough so these “15W” ones might be better.

Would also love it if you shared maybe some schematics or code, but that’s up to you!

P.S. wattage is in quotes because I don’t think any of the are actually 10 or 15 watts lol.

those look like overkill lol. these lens i have make a rectanular beam. so you light up full width even close to the ground :sunglasses:

I made these to work on the esc 5v output. the headlight is a 3w led, but it only uses 1.5w at full power. this leaves just enough current on the vesc 5v for maybe 10-16 rgb leds.

i’m cleaning up the code, and making a schematic. it seem like theres more interest in headlights and brakes. singals were just a easy way to test…

Oh you mean the 15W LED, well there not overkill cause the “10W” ones I have are not bright enough and are not even close to 10W lol. Hopefully these “15W” ones will be good enough.