BRAKES. How you set up

I have tried the brakes at low speed, they were wayyyyyyyyyyy too strong. I didnt seem to get the lockup at almost stopped.

How do YOUALL set up brakes? Do you have way more brakes available, and use a light touch on controls? Do you set brake regen for just enough?

What is the philosophy for brakes on a high power skateboard?

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i set it up to a point where if i do full brake around 30kmph, it will have just enough power to throw me forward off the board, but that’s just me, don’t listen to me, i could be wrong i need to be able to stop the board before it crashes into cars / people / bikes…etc, to minimise the damage im sure everyone does it differently, that’s just my way

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Also, is all brake gross adjustment, in the level of regen amps allowed?

Is adjusting the brake curve, just a bandaid? Do you rely on muscle memory, to apply the right amount?

Most youtubes of vesc programming, remind to lessen the level of regen, so not to cram juice into an already full battery.

Some used the vesc tool default, which I believe was 60amps.

This is why I thought, that the evolution of the vesc should include a brake algorithm. Based upon speed, easily overridden, grossly adjustable.

If you could simply use the remote, as a pucker switch, it would way shorten the panic stop.

And so, I will expand to include, a call to explain your procedure of panic stopping. Start with your first sighting of an obstacle.

This could save lives, so it is a worthy discussion. Tell me if I should have a separate thread.

depends on the board, start at like -40A and move down or up.

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