Braking problem

hi guys, i need help with my eboard. i have a braking problem. when i try to brake the board dont stop takes a couple of seconds to fully stop and generelly it feels like the motor/battery/vesc fail tring to or something like that. eboard details: motor:270Kv 50-60 6S-8S 90A vesc:VESC 12S 50A continous or 240A peak transfer ratio:16T/36T battery:8000mah 7.0A 22.2v(6s)

Unrelated to that, you say it’s a 7A battery (is it?) but you have battery current set to 99A. Change that to 7A.

well i tried it but its still have the braking problems. why do you think its not a 7A battery? it could be something else in the vesc tool?

What motor is it? What battery is it? What ESC is it?

Because I don’t know of many 6S 7A batteries that are 80Ah. That must be enormous, also. If you mean Ah.

battery:8000mah 22.2v

motor:270Kv 50-60 6S-8S 90A

vesc:VESC 12S 50A continous or 240A peak

That battery is 8000mAh not 8000mah and not 80000mah.

That battery is 25.2V. “22.2V” is just a name, like “George” is a name, and it’s not the battery charge voltage.

This doesn’t mean too much, but the photo shows a VESC 4.12. Don’t run this past about 20-25A battery current and around 80A motor current.

This motor is why the braking sucks. I don’t know that there will be a whole lot you can do about this. Be thankful it’s electric and has brakes :sweat_smile:

You can try increasing motor max to 60A and decreasing motor min to -60A but aside from that, a single small motor like this is going to struggle a lot in the braking department.

its wierd because i used this exact motor for a couple of months and everything was good but then a replaced the motor for the same one but v2 and it started to do the problems.

Do you have the motor detection results for both of the motors?