Braking /// vesc problems

Hey guys! I’ve almost finished building my longboard, but the brakes doesn’t work well for me. I have Flipsky 50a vesc and i don’t know how to make it, to make braking (by pulling the throttle down) less sensentive , because i fell of the board every time when I’m trying to brake. Thanks for taking your time!

Probably wrong settings in the vesc tool. Post your motor and battery max/min settings please.

1111 If it’s important, i am using 2x 5s 5Ah batteries connected in series and my motor is 190kV 6374 3250W

Move motor current max brake to around -20 and try it again. Most of the time you just have to get it dialed in.

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A big thank you! And btw, is using FOC correct for my setup?

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You have confused me, but I think this statement…

Is incorrect.

Here’s my reasoning.

Motor Min Regen or Motor Current Max Brake controls brake force at mid to low speeds. This max value is the max amps the motor can handle. Lets assume that in this case the max amps are 60a. So max regen amperage would be -60a. If you lower that value to -30, then you are in effect applying half of the total braking force, or max regen amps.

Does that sound correct to you?

I would not start with FOC, its dangerous to the VESC. I would start with BLDC and get some experience there first.

Your motor amps depend on duty (voltage, speed) if you at full duty (full speed) the maximum current is basically your max battery negative and it scales based on duty so if you have -10A on battery at slow speeds your brakes with -60A will be strong the time you reach higher speeds your brakes will suck.

Here is a small graphs to imagine how motor/bat currents work regarding duty :slight_smile:

This how looks motor 130A and 60A battery at 12S :slight_smile: Y axis maximum current at X axis is duty cycle :slight_smile:

Just to see that motor current depends on battery current its 130A motor 20A bat (This is more the case with his issues)

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Ok, I don’t understand much of this (I’m 14 yo) but so far I understood to change from FOC to BLDC and to change my motor max brake to -10 A. Did i get everything right? But now motor doesn’t react to remote ( vesc is plugged off from the pc, red light stays solid both on reciever and remote, averything is plugged in, i can control motor by vesc tool) how do i fix it?)

No @mmaner said -20. You have to write everything and you also have to select the ppm current with brake no reverse and calibrate your remote so if you give it the beans it is it is going to start to hall ass and full brake will act like full break. What motor are you using because if your are using a 50a vesc and single drive your 85A will be to much and could damage your vesc if I’m understanding it right.

Yes my vesc is 50a. My motor is 6374 3250w 190kV

just set it at -20 and see if its better, then adjust from there.

ok, but as i mentioned earlier, motor is not reacting to remote and @briman05 on my vesc there’s an information “50A - 240A” Then i guess i am ok?

240a is peak the 50a is continuous

ok, then i’ll change it to 50A

any ideas what can i do to make my remote working agian?

go into the ppm tab after you have done a motor detection and select current with brake no reverse. set your pulse width and then write to the vesc

now even vesc tool can’t detect throttle changes , and by write to the vesc, you mean “apply”?

god, unexpectedly motor started spinning, i turned eveything off and now as i turned on the remote it’s as it was earlier ( nothing reacts to remote)

watch this video it explains everything very well.

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