Braking with an eboard

i just created my first eboard with and enertion board does anyone know if it is bad to use reverse as your breaking system?

what do you mean “use reverse” ? most ESC’s will have brakes built in, you can usually program the braking force. I doubt that any ESC would actually allow you to just throw it into reverse without stopping the motor from going forward first. and if it did you would certainly face plant spectacularly.

normally reverse only begins to function once the motor stops rotating forward. so you are braking first, then reversing.

ya but i’m curious as to if i’m harming the motor by using it to slow down i know i cant just throw it into reverse that would be suicide but is there any harm or stress that im putting on the motor by putting it in reverse to slow down the board

@connorja23 No, there’s no harm in that. that’s called braking.

If you’re moving in a forward motion and you put your transmitter in reverse, that’s braking. Your esc knows the different. I actually fried my motor and esc braking, but that’s because I weigh like 270 lbs and did a hard stop after going 25 mph with a single motor setup.

The main reasons I got into electric skateboards was more for the braking than the motoring … It’s a function of where I live and commute. Braking can be a big a generator of heat for ESCs and batteries and it is that heat that is really the enemy. Test with some serious braking, gradually doing more and more and make sue nothing is too hot to touch immediately after braking.

I braked hills almost constantly for 2.5kms with crappy hobbyking motors and ESCs for over a year without issue. I would expect this gear to be able to at least do as well but you might need a heatsink, different motor or gearing so just check for heat.

cool thanks guys i appreciate the help

if my motors are reversing while braking then they are indeed drawing power from the batteries… but how far we can see they are rather recharging the batteries by regenerative braking system…if they were suppose to reverse then how can they recharge the batteries?