Brand new 12s5p battery won't charge anymore

Have two brand new 12s5p batteries from Matrix and after only about 10-12 charges the battery will no longer take a charge at all. The time I charged it right before now the charger kept clicking on and off every 3 seconds or so. It did this the entire time it was charging and went from a 3 hour charge time to 8-9 hours.

No idea why the battery did this all of a sudden. It’s not the charger(s), they work as supposed to on the second battery just fine. I am getting the expected 37.5V when I test the leads going into the BMS (charge port/meter wires/XT90 lead).

Anyone having similar issues?

The charger is putting out 37.5V ? Or this is the battery voltage ? The bms might be damaged ? Haven’t you exceed it max amp ?

No, the charger is putting out 54-something volts. The idle voltage of the drained battery is 37.5v, which is as it should be I believe.

And yes, it is likely the BMS. Everything else is just as it should be with the battery specifications. The fact that it happened gradually over the course of the last two charges also supports a bad BMS theory.

I doubt I have exceeded it’s max amperage. I have a 100A circuit breaker in place of an on/off switch and it has never tripped.