BRAND NEW Abec 11 Evolve F1 107mm wheels (Australia) $210 AUS Dollars

Brand new. Never used. Free shipping anywhere in Australia.


That’s one hell of a markup…

Sorry thats $210 Australian dollars. Which would be $158 US.


Ahhh, that makes sense. Good luck.

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Hey, at least its not $350 lol

@swordboard guy


guess I’m behind the times, still running 90mm wheels and 9mm belts.


get with the program 15mm belts FTW!

As soon as I get the pulleys I’m going to be running 2 belts in each wheel for a total of 24mm…for science of course. I mostly just wanna see how much drift I can create with a boatload of torque and NO slippage.

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I’m going to to fly first class to Australia to buy it. Stay tuned, I’ll repost it here for $100,000USD

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Hey mate, do you still have these? Where are you located? Thanks

Still have them I’m in Keysborough, Victoria.

How much would you let them go for if I pick them up? I can grab them today. I can’t work out how to message privately, so if you could message me that would be good. Thanks.

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