Brand New Board For Sale $700 OBO!

Hey there I have a brand new board for sale, I need some cash on hand immediately and currently have this board sitting around uncompleted with not time to continue building. I’m hoping to sell everything together at the price at which everything costed me. I have listed the parts below, Hope to get 700 USD (or 850 CAD) + shipping or best offer.

  • 34 inch, 7 Layer Maple Deck
  • 40 inch 9 layer Bamboo/Maple composite deck
  • 170 Kv 6374 Motor
  • Maytech 4.12 VESC
  • 36 tooth steel wheel pulley
  • 16 tooth aluminum motor pulley
  • 83 mm Flywheel Clones
  • Caliber Clone 55 degree trucks
  • 1/2 inch risers
  • Custom Motor mount and hardware
  • 10s3p Battery made of Samsung 25r Cells
  • % Battery Display
  • BMS with E-switch
  • Laptop Style charging System, with on off switch
  • FlySky Gt2B Remote and Reciever
  • 3D printed flatline customs mod
  • exta 34 tooth 3d printed pulley and retainer
  • 265 tooth HTD-5M timing belts x4
  • And required hardware
  • Extra Kydex sheets

Needs a little work, such as elongating motor mount slots to adjust tension, forming enclosure using kydex etc. Very simple modifications but everything is 100% functional.

Pm me with offers, Canadians buyers will be given preference.

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Would you sell it by parts?

Prefer to sell it as a complete, I’ll let you know if i decide to sell as parts

I’m interested in the shorter deck with cases, if you decide to part out.

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@mm6ix @nmiller14 If you do part it, interested in the motor

Reduced price!!! $700

I think you should part it,

I would be interested in battery,

Wheels with all pulleys,

maybe even motor.

Hey you still interested? I’ve been off this forum for a while. PM me

I’m interested in that batery

That mounting plate seems really thin, are you sure they won’t flex like hell with high power?



Yeah you are right it is quite thin actually, but its not aluminum its galvanized steel. Can’t vouch for the strength of the part as it has not been used but it was cut from one of these things:

Yea, I used 2.8mm stainless steel for a mount once and it flexes slightly back and fourth even under no load full speed. I would suggest using at least 5mm thick steel for a part like this.

True, i’ll make sure to let any possible buyers aware of this issue before the sale.