Brand new Diy Vesc Drv fault code at motor detection

I just got 2 Vesc’s from DIY and one setup pefectly fine but the other started flashing its red light after Foc motor detection and would not spin up at all. It gave me the drv8302 fault code. I removed the heat shrink and noticed 2 bridged solder points on the drv could this be the issue?

My Vesc does also have these two bridges. It took me some research before powering it up the first time :grin: These two times two pins connected is not a problem. You can see the Pin Configuration here on page 3.

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These bridge are totally normal… maybe post some screen shoot of the bldc tool and more info about your supply.

Well Im trying to figure out whatswrong with it I got it in the mail today and set it up like my other one but I never let the motor spin and is giving me a fault code. Diyelectricskateboards says they wont replace any vesc they sell on their site… I inquired about an rma we shall see what happens.

This is the non funtional vesc

A lot can go wrong with a VESC, first if you don’t properly isolate the motor lead prior to testing, and they touch once the power on, then you have a instant broken vesc. Also, if you run your motor without a proper motor detection, again it might broke your vesc. If you switch from foc to bldc in a improper way…


thought the cutoff start was at 26… until I zoom in…

This Vesv came out of the box and i ran the detection just like on my 1st. With the same motor and heat shrunk leads.

this is the working one that was setup the same way. Is there a cheap fix ?since I doubt I will be getting a refund…

This really look like a burn DRV… sorry for your lost

If you have a air flow station and feel comfortable with soldering you can change the drv chip.

I work for the Airforce and we have them at work but I dont know how I feel about doing that though :joy: I’ll see what Diy says if they refuse an rma I might have on of our avionics guys take a look at it.

Did you hook it up to a 12v power supply when you powered it for the first time?

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Yeah I used my bench powersupply.

Where are you located? One of us with a hot air station is probably nearby as well. If you’re Utah I’d be happy to take a look at it for you.

@shogu12 - same here if you are in the Seattle area i could take a look.

@rpn314 @sl33py Really nice gestures but I’m stationed in Korea.

I got 4 VESCs from DIY, I’m starting to get really nervous before even connecting them, here are some recommendations I gather from other posts:

  1. Connect them first with power supply instead of directly to the battery at 12V

  2. Run motor detection first

  3. Do not try to connect it FOC at least for now, but if you go ahead, reboot VESC after writting settings and read again to confirm correct settings have been written correctly

Anything else we should all be aware of?

So I bought 2 one is working great and the other wouldn’t detect the same motor to start with. I went through paypal buyer protection and they said if no tampering was done they would issue a refund. I had to make it clear that the removed heatshrink cant count as tampering.

I recently purchased a 3rd vesc from diy so I can ride my dual setup while the broken one is being sent back. I’ve read up on it and decided to upgrade all my vesc’s with a bigger c18 capacitor. And will be doing so for all Vesc’s for my fellow airmen here in Korea. Apparently it solves issues so now I’ll receive vesc>test on bench power supply>run motor detection > upgrade c18. Incase its bad when I get it and will have to be returned.

So my 2nd Vesc just died( I assume) while riding. I heard some crackling from inside my cover I’ll update once I’m home.

Damn! so both VESC are bad nnow?

Did you ever find what happened with the first one?