Brand new FlipSky esc not powering On

Hello, everybody ! I just received my flipsky Vesc, it is my second one so I have a bit of experience with it but this time unfortunately it’s a different story. I was about to configure my vesc, so I plugged it to my computer and to my surprise no leds turned on, so I thought maybe I need to power it with the battery, I plugged the battery to the vesc and then the usb cable to the computer and still no leds were powering on and the computer did not detect the vesc either. Thanks alot to anyone who can help me :slight_smile:

Brand new Flipsky ESC not powering on would be the title to go for. VESC only refers to the original Hardware. These are VESC compatible ESCs and not VESCs. If there is no light, the DRV is probably DOA.

Thanks I changed the title That sucks, maybe I can try replacing the drv I have the tools for it

If you have the tools go over the whole PCB. Flip sky is known for cold solder joints and terrible hand placement of components. Could also just try reflowing the board, Then plug it in an amp limited lab supply to test it without the possibility of frying it. Before doing that and voiding warranty might be worth contacting them. But there support is next to useless. Could always PayPal dispute

What I did is send my demand for a refund and then I’ll try to look for imperfections on the board. Does anyone knows how to check if the DRV’s really dead ?

Just file a charge back