Brand new focbox controller or controller and nano-xSOLD SOLD

Brand new un-used focbox controller $125 with free priority shipping US. Price is firm and I’ll ship out same business day payment is made as long as post office is open… image

Or I can do brand new focbox and nano-x combo for $150 free same day priority shipping…


Message me with any questions, thanks!

@J0ker3366 where you thinking of picking up a new one?

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Ill take em both both for $145 shipped

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Sorry but it’s, $150… I have to pay PayPal and shipping fees

I’m sending mine out to have it repaired.

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It sold guys, thanks! I’ll have some more parts coming soon I think… I have to see what I have left


Ahhh I’m an hour too late !! Needed this :joy:

I might have another one… I’ll check when I get back from the post office… just shipped this one out

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Right on thanks !

Ok so this is what I have leftimage

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I’ve got 3 focs left but I’m going to keep one just as backup for my board… so I can sell you a focbox and a nano-x… everything is still in-used… 2 of the focs I got from lhb and he changed the tips to 5mm… one still has the regular I got from enertion

What do yoy want for the motors shipped? Size/ kv?

I ment to say un-used never installed

I got those from maytech website I think they are the 170kvs… 63 somethings… let me check one of my previous posts… they are new too but have tiny scratches from being moved around in my plastic parts bin

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Awesome I’ll take them !

Instead depending on price.

Cool, I can ship them tomorrow priority… just send payment PayPal to [email protected] send as goods and services so your protected along with address and message me with your address to verify. I will message you back tomorrow with my cell and pics of packaging and tracking receipt

Payment sent, thank you !

Got it. Do you want one with the 3.5mm or the 5mm?

3.5mm please