Brand new Freebord S2 bindings for sale

I have a pair of freebord binding that is absolutely new(with the swag, instruction , a CD, and the original box). It hasn’t even been mounted on a board. I am using deck with deep drop downs and they don’t work for me.

If you get one shipped right now, it will cost you $70. I am offering at $60 shipped.

I would have put it lower but unfortunately I got the plastic part and metal parts separately(I had thought I would make my own metal base) and paid twice for shipping. IMG_20190329_052427


Does drop down not allow mounting? I was thinking about bindings but i have a drop down

You’ll have to add holes or stand on your board real funny like. These are intended to share mounting hardware with trucks. But it’s definitely not necessarily the only option.


If you need mr60 and or charging port connectors or some small 3D printed part, I can include them in to sweeten the deal.

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Hey im interested in these. Also wanted to see if you could 3d print something for me.

I sold it. Sorry.
@mmaner, please close the thread.

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