Brand new Mellow drive for sale

Got a brand new Mellow Drive for sale from a friend. It never touched the ground. His unit got completely replaced, sadly he wants to stick to Downhill and doesn’t really like esk8.

Its 1799 Euros at the moment on their page

Shoot me your offers :slight_smile:


1200 euros.

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I wont be buying it but am interested in seeing the inside if you feel up to opening it! wondering if they still use the same standard 12 tooth stator they were using before. Really wondering how they get such nice coasting.

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Well, Guess I would like to send it absolutely mint, so no street contact or opening etc. mayby the new owner of it can help you ;:slight_smile:

Ps: When racing season is over,I still need to pick up your new @Hummie- hubs. The old ones still live but barely :slight_smile: (also mayby your deck for fun)


Spoke briefly about this with a Phd guy doing motor Control for 2S and 1k amp. They had super smooth rotation on thier 15kW motor. Has to do with the layup of magnets and poles. More poles and magnets gives smoother transition between the fields. Guessing Mellow hubs has alot more of either.

Ive heard that but the mellow stator that they were showing was only 12 tooth. it was segmented so it had no gaps between teeth which was pretty cool if it doesn’t break and that could help smooth things. but does it have a huge amount of magnets with those 12 teeth…or what. I cant find the mellow guy on here or I’d ask him.

Or you could experimentz! I know you have stuff laying around :smiley:

Still have the drive? Would definitely be interested.

Still up for sale yess.

Do you have an email I can reach you at to discuss? You can reach me at [email protected]