Brand new motors clearance

This is brand new stuff. I OFFER ALL OF THIS AT THE LOWEST PRICE YOU CAN FIND IN EUROPE :wink: (I dont know whats the lowest price in Europe so just link me the best deal you can find online and I will give you 5€ off each item)

Stock in detail: 2x vescs SOLD 2x mounts with hardware SOLD 2x 6355 SENSORED motors AVAILABLE

Further details VESCS: from maytech; factory suggests not to use FOC although many people use it. On these batch c18 and c26 were added (capacitors that reduce the chance of FOC failure) MOTORS: 170kv (you can run them 12s flawlessly); water/dust proof cover; I paid additional price to have sensors added for a smooth startup; 18mm keyway+ free keys. MOUNTS: fixed price 25€

I am selling this stuff to fill my wallet a bit before spending 300+ on vesc 6.

Will post more pictures if requested.

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Can those mounts work for 6374?

Yep 10char

Shipping for both mounts to Parkville MD,21234 USA?

Where are you? Last time I shipped mounts it was about 6€ untracked or 10€tracked . No one reported a lost shipping so I believe you are good with the untracked. Sorry didnt read. Let me check for the us.

EDIT: 11€ to USA (they raised the price since december?!)

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I’ll PM 10 char

Where were you able to find these motors Un-sensored ??,… I want unsensored

Maytech only have these sensored on their website?

You can also run a sensored motor as unsensored. You can find maytech on alibaba and ask the price for one piece. I asked them to add sensor just because it is one added value and because you can start from standstill as if you rode a boostedboard.

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U still have the 2 vesc? How much? Im interested. Live in the U

Interested in both motors and VESC’s if buyers fall through, AU :wink:

Im in need of a keyway, do you got one?

Ok guys I have received few offers in PM. This is the priority list; lets say you have 2 days to pay, then the next guy can take over your seat :wink:: @wmj259 2 mounts @Lambjr088 2 vescs PAID @will_manners 2motors 2vescs @Mark PM me for the keyway


Hi guys I have a question (please be sincere😃): how much do you think these motors are worth? Brand new (not even bench tested); keyway and keys included, dirtproof cover; sensors.

60€ i think. Check pm!

Really?! Enertion was selling a cheaper version (no sensors, no sealing) for 130usd. Obviously I am not aiming that high but something around the 100 should be fair.

IS there a vesc for me left?

Nope, I am sorry. Just the motors are left.

Those motors do look very good, I’d say around 90 on a shop, in a group buy you would find them around 75€

I really doubt you will find new sensored maytechs at 75€. Anyways my promise doesn’t change😉. I will give you 5€ off on the lowest price you can find in Europe. Plus if you buy them both there are 2 aluminum pulleys and 4 belts for free.

What brand are the group buy’s motors? They seem to be pretty good in every aspect, and they’re sensored as well