Brand new motors. One sounds ok the other not so much

I recently bought 2 new 190kv KEDA 6364 Motors from hobbyking which arrived today. However, one of them has a weird sound. Would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me if they sound okay or if I should contact hobbyking.

The second one is the one I am worried about, but are they both okay?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Can’t you ask for an exchange ?

Sounds like loose bearings or hall sensor…

There is no sensor in these motors, but maybe the bearings. Doesn’t sound like loose magnets right.

I believe so. But involves a lot of shipping time

I think its bearings just cause it sounds the same as a loose wheels bearing. Without opening it, you’re guessing. If you have warranty or a return policy, id jump on it

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Sounds good, it has a warranty that I can use. Its just the second one that sounds off, does the first one sound okay?

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Are you sure none of the phase wires are touching one another when you spin it?

Yes 10characters

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Just thought I’d check. That got me once :smirk:

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Probably Bearings… There is no there mechanical element in there that can cause noise. The only thing that can also cause noise are magnets being out of position, either because of poor manufacturing, or because the glue holding them in position is not up to the task. It is quite common for cheap motors to fall apart under esk8 strain (high temps and vibrations). Especially if the motors are closed off, heat can build up very quick and impact on the glue very fast. Another thing that could be the case is poor insulation of some wires inside the motor, creating shorts. This motor is a case for warranty replacement.

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My money is on bearings… it’s a shame because those Keda motors are good from my experience… 5 out of 5 nice motors.


Perhaps spin them up and listen again. Either way it should help determine if it is a crib death or not.

Don’t touch it and get in contact with hk. They will assess and tell you what to do. Worst case scenario you will have to send it back to get a new one but best they will send you a new motor anyway. Depends on how many problems have come in associated with that product. Best they ask you to send it back because then you know its a one off and you haven’t bought a lemon. It has either a loose magnet or bad bearing which will destroy it down the line so best sort it now. HK are good with that kind of stuff and back their products. If you open it forget it. They won’t touch it warranty wise.

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Yeah, the motors haven’t been used yet so warranty replacement is probably best. Hobbyking just authorized the RMA so we’ll see what happens.

Yeah, they seem well built. Hopefully, it’s just this one that’s a lemon.