Brand New Raptor 2 for Sale

Hey Everyone,

I recently received my Raptor 2, but I had to think if I could ever ride again (I broke my 5th metatarsal in the Navy last year and it is not properly healing). Ultimately, I need another surgery which would mean its months away from me riding again. So, I am offering my board for sale. It is absolutely brand new, other than me opening the box. I have not even turned it on.

I know a lot of people are waiting for their orders. PM me if you are interested and I will try to ship it as fast as I can. Christmas is right around the corner and is the perfect gift.

1,600 plus shipping. I am located in DC.

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I would be willing to come try this out. I’m seeing retail for $1500. Since it is used I would offer &$1000 if it is legit.


  1. It’s not used. He clearly states that and the pictures prove it…

  2. If not a fake, and worth well over $1000usd…


Who is “he”? It is not straight out of the factory. So it is “used”. Would they be willing have it seen in person?

Having it taken out of the box and a photo taken does not make it “used” it is in brand new condition


@JLabs @adamm he’s new and still not adjusted to how It works on the forum


it’s technically “second-hand” and “new.” You’re getting a new product, but not directly from the manufacturer

Actually 1600 is more than I could buy it for. $1500 is almost the retail price and since it is new I would think that sounds very fair

Damn I live in annapolis this is so fkin tempting.

Yes I am new to this forum. I understand it has not been used. Is there a return policy or warranty? I still have not received a response on coming to see the product.

Enertion Warranties are transferable. 1600 is well worth it if you can afford it. And why would anyone wanna return an Enertion board?

You can’t really compare it to “retail” though. Because if you bought it from Enertion, you go to the back of the bus with hundreds ahead of you. I haven’t been following the updates, but I’m sure you’d be lucky to get it by spring

In that sense, it’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay. Because it exists today, not months from now


Yup. You basically pay $100 more than current retail to get it now versus getting it 6 million years from now


This board is worth $1600 or more. Do not sell it for less, people have waited over 1 year to get this board, so a fresh man comes over and offers $1000 for it when the waiting time to a get a new one is some around 3 and 5 months?, just keep it there you will sell it pretty soon.


I would be careful letting the new guy try this out in person. He may just ride away with it


Yeah, make sure you ask for ID first


Unfortunately, I can not let anyone ride it before they purchase the board. I will gladly show proof of purchase and everything that came with it. But if you decide not to buy it, the board becomes used. You can turn it on and verify everything works.

I can also meet anyone around the DC metro area if people are near DC


Try before buy people tripping …lol… good price

Put it up on eBay. I’ll bid on it.

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It would be quicker for me to fly to dc pick that up and skate home than getting one from enertion And I live in Ireland…