Brand New Raptor 2 for Sale

If he puts it on ebay he loses 10 percent of his money.

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And more via PayPal which is also owned by EvilBay

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Who is he?! Who are you?

He clearly shows it’s new. Why the hell would he let you make it used so that it’s worth less?

If you want it buy it.

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I love when new peoples on this forum comes with their big boots and believe they are right haha


I’d almost get a 0% loan to take it. As much as I rant about Enertion this board is fucking sex.

@EnertionvsBoosted Is this still available?

It is still available

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If no one takes it And you split up the parts I might take some Obviously you won’t split it and it’s stupid because it’s an amazing board and I would love to try one But that’s an option

So he splits the parts, sell you the BMS and now he has an incomplete Raptor 2, that does not even work, now he will try to sell the remaining parts for the next two years, maybe sooner if has no more option but to sell them at extremely low price.

That’s a great idea!

I meant if he had no use for it and he didn’t sell it I even stated this is a stupid idea @Eboosted

It was just an idea bud Keep ur hat on

Thanks @willpark16 That’s what I meant @Eboosted

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Sorry guys I’m it was just a glitch in the matrix


It’s fine bro we good? @Eboosted

Ok course bro!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is the board still for sale

I’d like to buy this on friday

It is still available. PM sent.

I am dropping the price to 1500. I will pay for shipping. Let me know if you are interested.

Any interest in a slightly used Phantom 4 in the original box with all the bits + some cash?

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