Brand new vesc not working

Hello, this is my first build. After having soldering everything together and trying to turn on the vesc for the first time, the blue light lights up for half a sec, dims down, and then turns off. It is a TB vesc btw. I’m pretty damn bummed out.


Is everything wired correctly? Maybe a bad solder? What batteries you using? Double check your wires make sure everything is solid and nothing loose

Yep, everything is solid and immovable. Do I need to have the balance wire connected first?

Because I’m trying to figure that out now but the balance port has 11 wires and I only have 10 to connect

If post pictures up, thatll help out some much more

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seconded. Post wiring pics.

What do you mean?

Post pictures up. We’ll probably have a better understanding once we can see it

You guys see anything?

If you are discharging through the BMS then you probably need to connect the balance wires.


Hey, because im an idiot and didnt do that first, it wasnt working. But i appreciate the help. It solved the issue. One last question, where can i update my firmware, its currently 2.18, which is too old for the new bldc tool

Be careful about that, some bms’s are picky about the circumstances of connecting the balance leads

I now have a new issue. I finally got it working last night, running well and everything. I tried it today and it worked perfectly up until about 10 minutes ago. I was working on the power switch and how it would be connect Ed to my enclosure when the board suddenly won’t turn on anymore. I have check to make sure the balance wires are connected correctly and non of my soldering has disconnected. What I don’t understand is when I connect my charger to it, the charger turns on and off over and over again. And during the course of this, everytime the charger turns on, the lights on my vesc turn on ans every time the charger turns off, the lights turn off. I don’t know what the issue is. Any help?