BRD 5060 280kv dual motor build

Hi guys, I 'm new to esk8. I hope to build an esk8 that can climb at least a 15%-20% incline hill with a decent amount of range. As I’m not too sure is my build good enough for that.

This is my list to build so far:

Deck:Clone Vanguard Deck Esc: 1x Dual Belt Drive Outrunner Motor ESC Speed Control Kit Battery: 1x 6s4p Motor x2: Racerstar BRD5060 280K Trucks: TORQUEBOARDS 218MM TRUCKS Mount x2: SINGLE BOLT ON MOTOR MOUNT SET (RED) pulley: 36T KEGEL PULLEY 12MM COMBO KIT wheels- Orangatang Wheels Kegel 80mm 80a Orange

Thanks for the help guys.

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Don’t order anything from diyeboard

Bad parts Bad customers service - like really bad. They have released peoples credit card information on this forum before.

Also where are you from,it makes it easier for people when recommending parts


Thanks for your info dude. I’m from Australia.



Someone in Australia is making motor mounts for caliber trucks. @Jebe I think

yes I am. hopefully finished next week. can I suggest the 200kv racestars at the most instead of 280. better torque and 280kv will get you a speeding ticket

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Well, he is only using a 6S battery. It won’t have that high rpm’s. It’d be the equivalent of a 140kv on 12S. you could use the same gearing for either of those, just to put it in perspective.

@joshie choices are ok for a first build. I suggest using the 14 motor pulley with that set up though or you will struggle up hills. With high kv you need to keep the gearing low as you can. It will be a bit underwhelming though tbh. That 6s battery is a poor effort really. The riptide uses 260 kv and that 6s and is pretty rubbish. Maybe consider 10s and 200kv with 15/36 gearing and you will get up hills. good luck! @Jebe Karl do be sure to chuck me a text or pm when you have the mounts bud and hope you’re well.


I agree with @Jebe the 200kv is a better choice if your wanting torque. The other thing is this esc has a limit at 6400rpm so using a 280kv motor is a bit of a waste. I would also definitely recommend you to make a bigger battery. I think you would be best making a 10s1p from Lipo cells and adding a charge only bms to it. The same way I did in this build thread. It will be cheaper, have less sag and get similar range

The other thing I would advise you to try and do is to buy your parts from places like hobbyking and eBay, otherwise lots of money is lost in shipping prices. If you need anything or don’t know where to buy stuff hit me up and I’ll give you a hand.

Edit: I didn’t realise how expensive that 6s battery was. You could probably make a 10s2p Lipo for the same price and get about 35-40km range


whereabouts in aussie are ya!? Like what everyone else said, dont use that battery and esc. Try 10s, with a 190kv motor, same gearing and either a focbox or vesc. It’ll save you a heap of trouble, time and money

Brisbane mate

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I’m hoping to get a pre-build battery pack (with charger port etc). It would save me a lot of hassle.

Nothing to see here. Keep scrolling.

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Ding dong you were wrong hahahah :heart:


Missed that lol.


I have to say I really can recommend the vesc, just bought a flip sky one and anti spark 11 days ago and it has already arrived. That is amazing considering it had to come all the way from China and it also had free shipping.

I also won’t deny that a prebuilt battery is easier but it is also worse, more expensive and bulkier than a Lipo pack. Not to mention it will have a warranty and you won’t have you details exposed on the forum for no good reason

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same here. reach out if you want. should have those mounts finished next week.

6s, 280 kv means:

6 cells * 3.7 V/cell * 45 A/motor * 2 motors = 1998 Watts that’s basically identical to Boosted’s 12 cells * 3.3 V/cell * 50 A (battery limited) = 1980 W

You can buy a used Boosted V1 for around $500. Unless your build is significantly cheaper than that, or if you REALLY want to do DIY for whatever, I would get a used Boosted which will ultimately be a much more polished, reliable product made with higher quality components. DIY is surprisingly difficult and time consuming, a build is kind of never “done” which is both incredibly frustrating, but also rewarding.

Don’t be discouraged though, figure out what you want out of the board that consumer offerings dont provide and design around those goals.


:arrow_double_up: that’s just opinion. Mainly cause I devote to it but my boards usually only take a day to build. However it is never done lol. You’ll always find something new to put on. And once you start building, you’ll never want to stop lol. Ive had three prebuilts which were good entry level boards. Two of which could eat a boosted up. Currently have 2 diy WIP boards and 1 diy that I’m testing. Its addictive but fun.

Thanks for your encouragement.

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