Breakfast run in London?

So I’m walking my kid around town in the pram so my wife can get some shuteye. He’s sleeping now so I can catch up on mail etc! So all the roads I would ride close to me are totally empty so early on a Sunday - and the thought hit me, why not do a breakfast run on proper tarmac (not the bloody pavement which you need big wheels for)??

Anyone doing that already?

Anyone in London up for a Sunday morning meetup and a proper run?


Next sunday? I’m up for that!

Do you have any areas in mind? I can come west.

@Sikkolo @dogeatgod ?

Sure. Once my Raptor arrives. Love too. Up in London all the time.

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I was wondering if you know the best places in London to ride ??

Let me know when and where! Hope I’ll get my enclosure by that time!

I’ve got no idea. Could start with Hyde Park, or could find some roads that are a bit more adventurous.

@RunPlayBack has some cool videos of him in parking garages - that could be cool if we can find one big enough - slalom & heats!

I wanna cruise and get enough straight for some speed, and get to know folks!

How about you guys?

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Yup parking garages are fun, usually empty industrial office spaces on weekends are good. The best one by me has security patrol on weekends unfortunately :frowning:

Gotta get security into esk8

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Would love to but work is still pretty frantic, especially weekends:cry: