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How long did you have to wait for the remote to arrive, I’ve bought the same remote.

2-3 weeks to UK. If you don’t mind the waiting time, get it from ebay. If you do, spend double or more and get it faster.

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I was thinking more in terms of the pedal extensions and break linings to reverse it :slight_smile:

sorry, i don’t understand your question :thinking:

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@Jg33, @Jedi As i’m using 20T pulley, i can’t really climb decent hills, so i’m waiting for new 15T pulley. This is what i managed to shoot today. Not perfect but you get an idea. I’ll try to film better next time.


Nice! Feels good to cruise on your accomplishment ya? You’re probably the first here to build an electric board with mechanical brakes.

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Love them feels hahaha

Little update: Got 15t pulley from China(2,5gbp and 7 days shipping :astonished:) very good quality and a new belt also cheap and fast. Also tuned VESC settings for remote. Assembled and went for a test ride. Got 24km/h max speed and had more available but i got scared and without helmet. Can’t test range because of weather but the ground is wet and during my glorious 1km ride, nothing shorted on electrical side. I prefer using mechanical braking, feels more secure

Got to 28,5km/h still without helmet :neutral_face: Changed front truck to TB218 from @BoostedBuilder. But on Drop through my nose is 1cm lower than tail. Is that a problem? Ordered 93a wfb canon and fat cones like @Alphamail recommended. Also is there a problem having front truck wider than back truck? Or is it better to have wider truck in the back? IMG_20180212_235803~2IMG_20180212_235714~2IMG_20180212_235732~2

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shouldnt be a problem, some decks actually do that on purpose to promote leaning your weight forward to make the board more stable at higher speeds.


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Update of drivetrain: -TB218 -40T wheel pulley -Enertion clone mount

Managed to reach 35km/h, no more, with 60A motor, 40A battery settings. Did climb 13°/ 23%, voltage sag was huge. Range was 6km, 38v start and 37v end, like @Deckoz suggested. @Jg33 Nothing got warm, though it’s 5°C. GoPro adhesive didn’t work for me. Duct tape came to the rescue. I had to mount everything top mounted because of clearance of the motor plus a 1/4’ or 6mm hard riser. Running FOC with 3.34FW IMG_20180225_123820_HDR~2IMG_20180225_123925_HDRIMG_20180225_123730_HDRIMG_20180225_123655_HDR


Whats your Gearing and wheel size?

15t 40t?


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would you mind sharing your vesc settings? I am using the keda 6364 190kv with 10s2p

I followed this guide, in FOC And I used 38v start and 37v cut off voltage, 60a motor max, 40a bat max and 35a regen.

I think it unsafe to run of On TB Vesc’s If you search you can find some topics and comments like this.

And @Yecrtz ran FOC on this vesc that he sold me, so :man_shrugging:

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well, If blowing 1 vesc won’t Bankrupt your build sure but If you don’t want to risk losing money then don’t do it. 10s is safer than 12s running foc on cheap vescs but the risk is still there.

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Now this is the kind of thread I like.