Bred | 6364 | diy deck |

Soooooooo Finally I’m gonna build a board. I got a 6364 neodym from eBay My drivetrain ready Ordered a motor mount from A broken vesc xD 90amp hobby King boat ESC 6s 5000mah lipo from turnigy Glass fiber and wood ordered to build a deck sth like a fake jet spud I hope this is gonna go good. I I also want to add leds later and freeboard bindings.

Everything sounds good except for the ESC… I would recommend a car ESC if you can’t fix the VESC. The FVT 120A works with 6s, it has been proven to be quite reliable for the price.

I used the ESC before with my sk3 5055 and 6s but I’m gonna get the vesc fixed soon anyway :wink:

Waiting for the package should receive at monday

Got my mount but all belts that I had laying around are to long

Just finished the second layer of fibre glass on my deck :smile:

Pictures! you can´t just fibre glass something without pics! Ah and fix your thread subject! build|6364neodym| mount|diy deck| gives you cancer reading :smiley: :monkey:

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Can you then help me creating a non cancer title? Maybe Bred|6364|diy deck. ? My wifi is too bad and I only got bad pictures right now because the board is at the house of a friend of mine… I’m gonna send better pictures tomorrow

The title was fine just leave some space: Bred | 6364 Neodym | mount | DIY deck :wink:

As you wanted :slight_smile: Here are some fibre glass pics


I’m gonna start putting clear coats on tomorrow

so you took a piece of wood and wrapped it in fibreglass? the form looks a bit…uncommon :smiley:

Jup that’s what I did But I added a bit concave before… I did 2layers bi fibre glass And 2unidirectional so there is no flex left

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Fixed the vesc finished the deck only waiting for some more riser pads to start planning the enclosure

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I finally finished the board!!! I didn’t make any more pictures of the process but see the result. I bought an ads kit and build an Glassfibre enclosure.