BREEZE | 3D Printed Enclosures | Belt Drive | 4S1P

Hi guys! Yes, this skateboard has 4S1P battery! To make things worse, the cells are protected! Good thing it has a belt drive motor!

The design goal was to make an artistic looking electric skateboard with a safe battery which can be replaced easily.

Please see videos and photos below!

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Had the same thought as far as changeable cells, but 4s1… How far does it go? Lol

On a flat smooth road they go around 6 kms for a 65 kg rider. The board itself is 5 kg.


So 3.5 freedomiles… Not bad really. That would get me to the store and back . Lol


Would love to see it on a 10S1P 2170 pack


Project Update.

  • Reattached enclosures using heavy duty plastic hook and loop strips
  • Added rubber shock pads
  • Added velcro strips to the battery compartments
  • Changed the grip tape
  • Mounted top plates to cover the board cutouts under the grip tape

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And the most practical upgrade was the installation of a Bluetooth module together with getting the Xmatic app. Now I have three saved profiles with defined maximum speeds. For example, I put the maximum speed 10 km/h, set the remote on always full throttle and the board accelerates with the full power until 10 km/h and then keeps that speed using less energy. After that I can manually push the board to get to the speed of about 15 km/h from time to time when I become tired of standing in the same position. When the speed is above 10 km/h the motor doesn’t use the power at all. The board doesn’t jump out of me when I push manually unlike before when the motor was either full power on or no power at all. Even if I jump from the board while it’s still full throttle on the board just continues going with the same speed. The ability to setup a maximum speed and be able to change it on the go is a must have I would say.