Bricked FOCBOX and ST-LINK

I’m trying to fix a bricked FOCBOX (uploaded incorrect firmware) by connecting to it using an ST-LINK to upload the firmware that way.

All the connections are correct but for some reason I can’t connect to it in the ST-LINK utility.

I just keep getting a “Cannot connect to target” error.

Has anyone successfully connected to a FOCBOX using an ST-LINK? If so, could you please share how you did it?

Don´t you have to replace something if you fack up the firmware this way @JohnnyMeduse?

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Did you try to reset the st32? On the pin 7

Well if you can’t connect a St-Link there not much to do except changing the MCU. :worried:

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Yes there the option to reset it, and it connects again, tested. I was flashing new firmware and the computer shot down in the middle of the flashing, I couldn’t connect anything, no usb, no st-link, the only way to connect again was grounding the pin 7 for a moment, after that I could connect again to the st-link. This is what I did:


Alright, so what exactly do you do?

are you a soft shell or hard shell kinda guy?

I’m the kind of guy that will rather pass 2 minutes changing a MCU than 30 min try to save it :wink::crazy_face::crazy_face:



i’m talkin bout tacos. hard or soft?

don’t turn that into something it isn’t :wink:


I should add that I have this problem with my other (non-bricked, functioning) FOCBOXES as well.

That’s why I’m wondering if anyone has managed to successfully connect to a FOCBOX using an ST-LINK like this one:

I use seemingly the same ST-link, just a green one. Are you sure about the connections? You did not mention that you soldered on a header that is used to connect the ST-link. I dont think that VESC-X and FOCBOXES come with them soldered on already.

Does the FOCBOX turn on? I mean do any LEDs come on? There should be at least one LED on even with no MCU soldered on so if there are no LEDs on, you have a short somewhere which means bigger problem than firmware mismatch.

Yeah, I soldered on a header. I have checked and double checked the connection order and I’m positive it’s correct. I have tried powering the FOCBOX without using the 3.3V connection as well as using the 3.3V connection without powering the FOCBOX.

The bricked one has a blue LED. With the rest, the other LEDs come on as well.

If you have sucessfuly used the ST-link before than this does not apply but if this is the first time doing this, try connecting all 6 pins because in case you have a V1 marked as V2 you will need all 6. For real V2 ST-links you only need 4. Just to narrow down the problems since you said you can not connect to the other FOCBOX either.

EDIT: I uploaded an incorrect FW to VESC 4.12 once and it was turning on and connecting to BLDC-tool it would stay on 95% duty cycle all the time. I replaced the MCU which solved the issue so that might be the solution for you too. I am just not sure if the problem is in the FOCBOX since you can not connect to the other one either.

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Thanks, I’ll try connecting the 6th pin.

Double check your header pinout.


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@RiGo did you ever connect the ST Link to the FocBox? did you wired the 6th pin?