Brief overview on Enertion wheels vs. Amazon longboard

I got a Raptor 1 in Octorber 2016 and one of my complaints was always the rough ride and wanted Abec 11 wheels but between the price gouging and inability to find them I decided to try out some clones with bones red bearings.

Bearings: I cant notice a difference riding. They seem to roll a little bit longer on hand spinning test but not much to notice

Wheels: I don’t know the actual durometer of either wheel. I’ve heard the Amazon ones were softer and squeezing them by hand the Amazon ones have a little bit of ‘squeeze’ to them. The raptor 1 wheels where noticeably harder.

As far as riding goes…I’ve gotten use to the Enertion wheels to where they seemed really rough at first but not terrible as time has gone on. Swapped the wheels and bearings tonight. There seemed to be a notable difference, but who knows. Hard to say. I’ve found some abec 11 wheels for a little over 100 usd. As of right now the difference it made while, noticeable, isn’t enough to justify the price, but I could be wrong.

Both sizes were 83mm. I would say a bigger wheel would make more of a difference than the durometer. If your roads are really rough I would look into it but I would most likely say just toughen up. I find the experience riding more has made much more of a difference than the softer wheels made.

To each their own, and take this with a grain of salt. Just an opinion. If you’re wanting a smoother ride always start out with the cheaper option. My biggest gain was on truck bushings/truck tightness. Riding at high speeds I prefer a much stiffer truck setup.

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