Brisbane Australia - misc parts for sale9

All sold.

Not for sale


Pretty sure I’m taking that 8085, gimme an hour


pricing for that lady?


Can I claim the Ollin motors and mounts + wheel pulleys? How much for shipping to 2371?


is selling people even legal?

WTF? No. :joy::joy:

about $15 Australia post

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Oh she aint for sale - thats clickbait

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Coolio, I’ll PM you :slight_smile:

That’s the worst click bait method I’ve seen. :rofl: BTW, I would snatch those mounts and pulleys if you weren’t 8000 miles away. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i’m joking lol

@Jebe should’ve put that first, clickbait at the end is kinda useless

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Ah but this way you view my online goodies before you view hers !


But we don’t even know she’s at the end. Unless we wanna take a second look :eyes: Wait

Hers what? :smirk:

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Gonna have to pass on the 8085

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I 2. That.

aren’t you married…:rofl:

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I told her you said that and she want’s her too.

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Hey mate, I’ll take the Alien 8085 and both Turnigy 6354 off your hands if they are still available!

Still available - where are you based ? post code ?

Mt Gravatt, 4122 :slight_smile:

Happy to pay for postage though…

I’ll PM you an email address and you can send me a PayPal request.